Introduction to
Induction Lamps & Cost Savings Overview
by Energy Savings 4 You

Induction Lamps

  1. The strong lamp tube is made of hard silicon glass with a melting point of 1600 degrees Celsius.
  2. The IC Ballast is an internationally patented circuit design that is more intelligent, smaller, lighter and longer lasting than conventional electronic ballasts. Operationally, it is more stable and is engineered to last 5-7 times longer than conventional electronic ballasts.
  3. The magnetic loop technology is an internationally patented design that has superior stability and is better shielded from electromagnetic interference.
  4. Electronic ballasts certified for Canada and the United States (UL, UL-C). File number E258867.
  5. Lamps and ballasts are designed to operate in temperatures between -40 C to +50 C.

Types and Wattages of Hongyuan Induction Lamps

  1. The first type is separate lamp and ballast style, the round shaped (TX) are available in: 40 W, 80 W, 120 W, 200W and 300 W. They are a stable product that is being currently shipped in 120 V.
  2. The second type of lamp is a separate lamp and ballast style, a rectangular shaped (LL) with wattages ranging from: 40 W, 80W, 120 W, 200 W and 300W.
  3. The third type is a compact style (lamp and ballast are combined). They are available in small wattages including: 15W, 23 W and 40 W.
  4. The fourth type is a compact style (Self ballast). They are available in 40W.

Since the lamps are electrodeless, they are engineered to last over 11 years (24 hours per day), maintenance free.
When the color temperatures of the Hongyuan LVD Induction lamps are in the range of 3500k to 4100k, the color rendering index (CRI) is above 90. The higher CRI makes objects look bright, clear and natural. When the luminous efficiency is above 80Lm/W, color rendering is perfect. It is easier to differentiate colors with a higher CRI.

Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership (TCO) includes the capital cost of the lighting project plus the overall operational and maintenance costs. Hongyuan induction lamp technology is engineered to last 100,000 hours or 22.83 years and the metal halide lamp technology is engineered to last 20,000 hours or 4.56 years.
Therefore a customer would require changing their metal halide lamp system 5 times in 22.83 years. Typical paybacks for customers range from 2-5 years depending on the project.

Sample Cost-Savings Overview for Municipal Street Lighting
Current Street Lighting (100 Watt HPS) 13,600 Street Lights Proposed Hongyuan Lighting (80 Watt Induction) 13,600 Street Lights
Energy Consumption/Year Watt hours (Wh) 12 hrs/day x 365 days 7,862,976,000 4,884,576,000
Kilo watt hours (kWh)
Divide "Wh" by 1000
7,862,976 4,884,576
Energy Savings (kWh per year) 2,978,400
Electricity Charge (Estimated) $0.10 $0.10
Energy Savings ($) per year $297,840
Total Savings (per year in dollars) $297,840

Sample Cost-Savings Overview for Industrial Highbay Lighting
Existing Lighting
(400 Watt Metal Halide Lamp)
Hongyuan Lighting
(200 Watt Induction Lamp)
Input watts/fixture
(includes power factor)
460 watts 204 watts
Hours of Operation
(365 days x 12 hrs/day)
4380 4380
Energy Consumption/Year Watt hours (Wh) 2,014,800 893,520
Kilo watt hours (kWh)
Divide "Wh" by 1000
2,015 1121
Electricity Charge
$0.10 $0.10
Energy Savings ($) per year $112
Fixtures Retrofit
(100,000 sq. ft. warehouse)
200 200
Total Savings (per year in dollars) $22,400



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