Frequently Asked Questions
on Induction Lighting
by Energy Savings 4 You

Q How does induction lighting work?
A A combination of the basic principles of induction and gas discharge are used in a revolutionary technology of light generation. With the benefit of not having electrodes this unique product delivers an unprecedented 100,000 hours of high quality, cost effective light.

Q What are the system components?
A This lighting system basically consists of two components; the electronic ballast and lamp.

Q Why induction lighting?
A Because induction lamps are so long-lasting they are virtually maintenance free. These lamps also offer crisp white light and can produce up to 70% in energy savings.

Q Is a dedicated fixture required for induction lamps?
A Yes. Because of thermal and operating requirements the induction lamp needs to be properly installed in a suitable fixture. Certain existing fixtures can be successfully retrofitted.

Q Does the operation of these lamps interfere with other electronic devices?
A No. Under normal operating circumstances there is no interference experienced. These lamps run at a low 210 KHz and are compliant with FCC rules.

Q Does the system interfere with telecommunication equipment?
A No. Cell phones and other mobile devices will not experience any interruption in service due to the induction system.

Q Is the lamp performance affected by temperature?
A The lamp's technology creates a stable light output over a wide range of ambient temperatures, maintaining at least 85% from -40º to 50º C (-40º to 140º F).

Q Does the operating position affect light output?
A No. The performance of the induction lamp system is not altered by its operating position.

Q Is the system resistant to vibration?
A Yes. Because induction lamps are electrode less they are more reliable in high vibration applications. The system has been used in bridges, tunnels, and on signage with proven durability.

Q Will materials become damaged or faded under induction lighting?
A The amount of ultraviolet light generated by an 80W lamp is approximately the same as that of a regular fluorescent lamp. The damage factor for materials is rated at a minimal 0.3 therefore these lamps can be used in open luminaries without any front glass or lens.

Q How far can the ballast be remotely mounted from the lamp assembly?
A The electronic ballast can be installed up to 10 meters away from the lamp.

Q Must all components be replaced at the same time?
A The two components can be replaced separately; however induction lighting systems are almost always sold as a two component system (lamp and ballast) even for replacement.

Q Why is induction lighting worth more?
A Induction lighting offers five to ten times longer life and in most cases the payback in maintenance and energy consumption will more than offset the additional cost of the initial system.

Q What applications are suitable for induction lighting?
A Induction lighting can be used in various applications. It is suitable for interior office buildings, supermarkets, hotels, schools, factories, theatres, gymnasiums, and some residential use. They are also suitable for exterior use such as street lighting, bridges, tunnels, parking lots, shopping centers, shipping docks and car lots.

Q Is there a warranty with LVD induction lamps?
A All 40W - 200W lamps and ballasts have a 10 year warranty and all lamps/ballasts under 40W have a 5 year warranty. Warranty periods are subject to proper installation by qualified personnel and normal operating use as indicated in the installation instructions provided.

Q Is induction lighting safe to use?
A All induction lamps and ballasts (120V) have passed rigorous UL and UL-C testing for use in America.

Q What can we expect from induction lighting in the future?
A Induction lamps are dimmable and have an industry low operating frequency which increase its life span and reduces interference. Plans for a wider range of wattages will expand Applications into residential and larger outdoor uses.



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