The FAQs on
Climate Control Solar Blinds and Panels
See Through Radiant Heat Barriers Window Insulators

Q How does it work?
A The silver side: reflects radiant and solar heat gain and heat loss.
In the summer with the silver side facing outwards it reflects the radiant and solar heat back outside, so your home or business does not heat up. When you do not get the summer heat inside, your air conditioning does not run as often, generating savings off of your cooling costs.
In the winter months with the silver side facing inward, it reflects the heat back into your home or office reducing your heat loss through the windows.
The black side: in the winter months with the black side facing outwards, it acts as a passive solar collector; a 4 x 4 window in direct sunlight produces 2096 BTU's of heat per hour, (this is the equivalent to a 600 watt electric heater). The black side also reduces the cold infiltration into your home or office. When you get solar heat from the sun, plus reduce cold infiltration, your heating costs are lower, once again saving you money.

Q How can I be sure your product will work in my home?
A An Energy Savings 4 You representative or Dealer will be pleased to bring a panel or blind to your business or home to demonstrate the efficiency of our product and prove just how well they work.

Q Do your blinds come in any other colors?
A Energy Savings 4 You blinds, the In'flector, use proven results, silver on the one side and the black on the other side. No other colors can perform in the proven results.

Q What makes your product money on energy costs and how does it work?
A The color choice of silver on the one side and black on the other side of the patented inflector material is the secret behind the savings realized by everyone who installs the panels and blinds.

Q How about night-time privacy?
A Please note, all our blinds and panels provide daytime privacy only. Think of a one-way mirror. You always see through to where the light is greatest. At night the light is greater indoors so you can see in. To remedy this, either use a curtain, a second opaque shade (sheers) or put a bright outdoor light near the window to balance the lighting environment.

Q What is the cost of the Energy Savings 4 You Solar blinds?
A If you think about the fact that the blinds decrease your heating and cooling bills starting immediately, and that the typical payback period is 2-4 years, the blinds are actually free, plus put money back into your pocket year after year. Each manufacture and dealer has a suggested manufactures retail price; however, many dealers offer trade-show specials. We recommend you contact Energy Savings 4 You to find your local dealer for a free in home or business estimate.

Q Can I order over the web and install them myself?
A Our web site is developing and in the near future you will be able to do that. In the meantime, if you refer to the guide for measuring and contact us at our toll free number 1-866-226-8866.
We will be more than happy to assist you.



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In summer, the silver side faces outwards to keep heat outside.

In winter, the black side faces outwards to keep heat inside.