The Benefits
See Through Radiant Heat Barriers Window Insulators

Proven Benefits for the Summer
  • Reflects 72% of the radiant heat (temperature outdoors) back outside.
  • Reflects 65% of solar gain (sun rays) back outside.
  • Reflects 92% of the damaging UV rays, eliminating sun damages.
  • Reduces glare for televisons and computers.
  • Gives total daytime privacy.
  • Keeps heat out and the cool inside.
  • Reduces the load, wear and maintenance on the air conditioning unit.

The Benefit: Provides comfort and stabilizes interior temperature, hence reducing cooling costs and saving you money.

Proven Benefits for the Winter
  • In direct sunlight, the patented In'flector is a passive solar collector, converting sunlight into radiant heat to the interior.
  • A 4' x 4' window with this product produces 2,096 BTUs of free heat per hour, equivalent to a 600 watt electric heater..
  • Controls cold air infiltration.
  • Reduces night time heat loss through the window.
  • With the silver side now facing inwards, the interior heat does not escape, but gets deflected back into your premises.

The Benefit: Reduces heating costs, saving you money.

The price of energy whether from fossil fuels or electricity is going to rise in dramatic proportions in the near future. As oil and gas prices rise, the cost of every utility will also go up in price due to increased operating costs experience by utility companies. Identifying energy inefficiency is a necessity for all levels of government, business, and home owners.
Windows are the weakest part of the building envelope and account for heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Heat gain through the windows in the summer raise's cooling costs and heat loss through the windows in the winter raises heating cost. The fact is if you have windows you have heat gain and or heat loss every year.

Energy Savings 4 You provides an engineered solution which reduces heat gain and heat loss through windows year round. Radiant heat accounts for 80% of heat movement in buildings and buildings typically have a window surface area of 15% which accounts for 72% of heat gain or heat loss.

Energy Savings 4 You Climate Control Solar Blinds (see through window insulating radiant heat barrier), utilizes the original Solar Blind Window Insulator material.

Solar Blind Window Insulators are pioneers in window efficiency the patented one way heat transfer reversible Solar Blind Window Insulator material (Canadian invention) is an engineered solution which address's more than just the reflectance of solar heat gain. Solar Blind Window Insulating material was designed to address all deficiencies of the building envelope pertaining to windows including reflectivity, emissivity, absorption, radiant heat gain, solar heat gain, privacy, infiltration, condensation, heat loss in the winter, as well as being a passive solar collector, absorbing sunlight and radiating free heat into the building.

The reversible Solar Blind Window Insulating material works on three properties: reflectivity, emissivity and absorption. First, the silver side (aluminum) was chosen for two reasons; first, to reflect solar heat gain back out through the window and second, aluminum has a low emissivity of between 0.30 and 0.05. This means that only 3% and 5% of radiant heat is emitted through the aluminum. Second, the black side absorbs more of the sun than any other colour. The patented see through, one way heat transfer, reversible system of Solar Blind Window Insulators address all of the seasonal changes throughout the year keeping the cold out and the heat in during the winter, while keeping the heat out and the cool inside during the summer. Climate Control Solar Blinds reduce the movement of radiant heat through windows, reducing energy costs.



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