How to Measure
See Through Radiant Heat Barriers Window Insulators

How to Take Measurements
Always use a steel tape measure. Record exact measurements. Factory takes allowances to get the best fit. Always record in the same order: WIDTH x HEIGHT x DEPTH. Consider your window operating hardware, handles and cranks) when measuring depth, height, and considering product selection.

Outside Bracket Installation
(mounted on your molding or drywall)

Width: Measure exact distance you want blind to cover.
For privacy and light control, window covering should extend at least 1 inch past opening on each side.

Height: Measure exact distance from where top of window covering will be to where bottom of window covering will fall. Leave room for mounting brackets, which are 2 1/2 inches tall. If mounting to door, allow 1 inch at bottom for hold down brackets.

Inside Bracket Installation
(recessed within your window opening)

Width: Measure exact distance between inside surfaces of window frame at the top, middle and bottom of each window. Use the narrowest measurement.

Height: Measure exact distance between inside surfaces of window frame at the left, middle and right of each window. Use the longest measurement.

Measuring for Verticals

Vertical blinds: Measure past the edges of the molding to allow for privacy. Measure the height of the window. For inside mounts, don't take any deductions for clearance - this is done at the factory.
Width: Measure width at left, middle and right of window. Write down the longest measurement (round down to an even 1/8”). For verticals record the shortest measurement.

Height: Measure height above and below window molding. If blind extends to the floor, deduct at least _” for clearance. You may adjust the length to your preference.

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