Technical Information

Solar Water Heater – Separated Pressurized System
by Energy Savings 4 You

The Operating Principal
  • The collector is made of the fourth generation solar collector---heat pipe solar collector to transfer the solar power to heat power.
  • When the temperature of the solar collector is higher than the temperature of the outlet of water tank to some extent, the controller will start the pump to work.
  • The circulating pump make the working medium circulate in the piping.
  • The heat exchanger transfers the heat of the solar collector to the storage water tank.
  • During the running of the circulating pump, when the temperature difference is lower than the set point, the circulating pump will stop.
  • When the TR, temperature of the storage water tank reaches the preset highest point, the controller turns off the circulating pump.
  • The auxiliary electrical heater of the water tank could maintain the temperature of the water tank at preset point automatically.

1. Collector
7. Check Valve
13. Pressure Gauge
2. Collector Sensor
9. Expansion kits 14. Collector Supply
3. Manual Air Valve
10. Air Scoop & Air Vent
15. Heat Exchange Coil
4. Hot Water Taps
11. Circulating Pump With Flanges Or Couplings
16. Solar Hot Water Tank
5. Tempering Valve
17. Immersion Heater
6. Collector Return
12. Pressure Relief Valve
18. SPC-2 Controller

Working Principle

Sunshine irradiates on the tubes. The tubes absorb the radiation and transform it into heat and the heat transfer from evacuated tubes to the heat pipe. The medium in the heat pipe out put heat at upper part and absorb heat at bottom part. In this way water in the water tank would be heated.

Technical Parameters of Heat Pipe

Degree of Vacuum: &Mac179; 5_10-3 Pa Coating: Al -N- Al
Absorption coefficient: &Mac179; 0.93 Emissivity: &Mac178; 0.08
Starting temperature: &Mac178; 25°C 3Max. temperature: &Mac179; 250°C
Freezing resistance: –50°C Service life: &Mac179; 15years
Wind resistance: 30m/s (grade 11) Hail proof: 35mm
Glass material: concentrated borosilicate glass Absorber plate: copper profile

The Conventional Specification

Capacity (L) Collector (no.)
Diameter x Length (mm)
Rated Pressure
Rated Power Service Tme
100 15 45~95 0.6 1.5 All year
150 25 45~95 0.6 2.0 All year
200 20 45~95 0.6 3.8 All year
300 30 45~95 0.6 3.8 All year



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