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ES-1.5KW Wind Turbine
ES-5KW Wind Turbine
ES-1OKW Wind Turbine
AH-2OKW Wind Turbine

ES-1.5KW Wind Turbine Project

Qingdao Mashan Bright Project
Inner Mongolia Signal Station
Manila Signal Station

In 2002, Qingdao city started the Mashan Bright project, for a total capacity of 20kw. The 1.5kw wind turbine power supply system solved the electric problem of the local residents.

In 2002, a 1.5kw wind solar hybrid system was installed in Inner Mongolia. This was the first hybrid system designed, produced and installed in China. The system provided a new power supply for the signal transfer station, weather station and other establishments in need of durative power supply.

In 2006, a telecom signal poser supply project was installed in Manila. Relying on the new generator design and unique tilt-up tower, the high temperature from the roof installation was overcome, ensuring the completion of the project on time.


ES-5KW Wind Turbine Project

2008 Olympic Project
Qinanliya Island Navigation Mark Power Supply System
Nan'ao Island Signal

To meet the deadline of the 2008 Olympic Regatta game, the Qingdoa city government chose the ES-5KW Wind Turbine system due to the stable product quality and for the automatic wind solar diesel hybrid system design. The station was completed in 2006.

In 2004, the Qingdao City government participated in the navigation mark power supply project. Technicians went to Qianliyan Island several times for field surveys to solve the serious problems of blade corrosion, gale protection and installation difficulties. Three ES-5KW Wind Turbine systems were successfully installed to supply power for navigation mark and ensured the safety to sail in Qingdao.

In 2005, to solve a communication problem, an ES-5KW Wind Turbine and solar hybrid system was installed in partnership with China Mobile. This ensured a steady supply for the local signal station.


ES-1OKW Wind Turbine Project

Polynesia Wind Turbine System
Niigata Off-Grid System in Japan Shengli Oil-field Project

In 2006, a 10kw wind turbine was installed in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Considering the problem of corrosion from the sea breeze in Tahiti, specially designed anti-corrosion wind turbine parts were developed. The design of the wind turbine allowed installation without a crane. When the project was completed, the President of Polynesia came in person to congratulate the success of the installation.

A 10kw wind turbine system was installed in Niigata Japan. The approval from the Japanese client, known for their rigorous requirements demonstrated the high quality of the wind turbine.

In 2004 a wind grid hybrid system was developed to supply compensatory power the Shengli Oil-field. This system saved energy, achieving the national target for energy-saving and reduction in pollution.


AH-2OKW Wind Turbine Project

Grid-tied System in North Sea Fleet Factory
Mongolia Wind Farm Power Station

In response to the national goal of saving energy, a new grid-tied wind turbine system was developed for the Navy's dockyard in Qingdao. The system supplies power from street lighting to boilers in factories. This grid-tied small wind turbine system is the first application in China, and points to the new direction for the energy industry.

Mongolia's 150kw wind farm was installed in 2007. It is well known that Mongolia experiences severe sand/dust weather. The anti-dust ability of the ES-150kw Wind Turbine was the choice of the Mongolia KHURD Company. The National centre of Renewable energy of Mongolia considered and accepted the project at the end of 2007. The project brings lighting for over 200 families of the Tseel village. The project has been assed for the feasibility of building a small wind power station and to develop an international market of small wind turbines.



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